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The Rabbit Foot Runner June 7, 2017Leave a comment

I never considered myself a “runner.” Growing up as a soccer player, I viewed running as a way to stay in shape for the soccer season, or as the way my coach would punish us during practice.

When I reached college, my soccer skills were not stellar enough to make my university’s team, so instead I kept up the habit of running. Towards the end of my freshman year, a few girls living in my dorm talked about running a half marathon over the summer. While I was the only one who actually committed to training and racing, and the whole experience was magical.

After that first race 2008, I continued to train for one half each year until the fall of 2013 when I ran my first marathon. I did well and began reading books about running with the hopes of qualifying for Boston. I stumbled upon Eat and Run, and began following a vegetarian diet while training for my next marathon in the spring of 2014. I shaved 14 minutes off my time while following the same training regimen, and qualified for Boston. I saw what the power of plants could do!

It wasn’t until the spring of 2015 when I completely cut out all animal products to follow a 100% plant-based diet. While the shift to a complete vegan diet was slow, the results were immediate. 2016, my first entire year of being 100% plant-based, I ran a PR in every distance I raced, from the 5k to the marathon. Now in 2017, I am increasing my distance to the 50 miler, again with success.

While many people believe that following a plant-based diet is limiting, it’s opened up a whole new world for me. Since middle school I’ve struggled with eating disorders, but following a plant-based diet has made me experiment in the kitchen and want to try food. Now, I view food as a way to fuel my training; I’ve even created homemade recipes to eat during my long ultra training runs.

When I’m not out running, you can find me in the kitchen making recipes to share on my blog, Rabbit Food Runner, at the yoga studio stretching and strengthening my muscles, at the track coaching other runners, or simply sitting out on the patio doing a crossword puzzle in the sun.   

Becca can be found on Instagram or on her blog, Rabbit Food Runner

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