Welcome to the Vegan Runners Club

Vegan Runners Club is all about you.  Your dreams, Your Goals, Your Journey.  Whether you are a new vegan runner or have been for years, our goal is to support you on your journey, no matter what it looks like.

We started Vegan Runners Club out of frustration of the current resources available to the average runner and the average vegan.  We felt that the only information that was available to us was either from elite athletes, which we definitely weren’t, or from individuals that made the resources all about them.  We felt a disconnection to the lifestyle that we loved and wanted to make a brand that was different.  Our focus is not on us, or on elite athletes.  Our focus is on average people trying to find their impossible.  Vegan Runners Club is all about sharing stories, connecting with others, and growing a revolution of people seeing to change the world.

Vegan Runners Club is your club.  Welcome to your club.