Hi, I’m a vegan ultra runner from Oberhausen, Germany. I started running in summer 2012 because I wanted to loose weight and be more healthy in general. In 04/2013 I ran my first marathon in 3:55h and became vegan same year. In 10/2013 I finished my second Marathon in 2:57h (no typo). After that I focused on longer distances and finished my first ultra races. I finished my first 50k in 3:32h and in 2016 I ran my first 100k in 8:52h. I also crossed the Alps the last year, covering 250k and 15.000m +d within a 7 days stage race.

Besides all the running I’m also working full time at the tax department of Deutsche Bank and have a yoga teacher as a girlfriend.

My main race for 2017 will be the CCC. A 100k /6.000 +d Trail race around the Mont Blanc. I’m very Happy to have VRC all as support during my journey to the CCC taking place in September this year