Matt spent much of his life trying out many different pursuits, very few of them healthy. Then he became vegan at 30 after coming to the conclusion that “The way we treat animals for food is morally unjustifiable.” Looking more into health and fitness followed.  At 33, after many starts and stops with various forms of exercise, Matt caught the running bug. In that first year he ran several 5k races and was surprised to pick up a couple of age group awards in some smaller events. This cemented his new passion. Matt runs more as a lifestyle than training, trail or road, alone or with the Cranford Cove Fleet of Feet Run Club, but is always interested in finding the next challenging race. In just over three years Matt has run 10 5ks, a 10k, 4 half marathons, a 6 hour timed trail race covering 27 miles, and a self promoted “Fat Ass” event covering 50k. When not running or at work, Matt may be on a bicycle or in the kitchen throwing a bunch of stuff in a pan and seeing what comes out, but he’s more likely on the couch spending time with his wife and two dogs.