I became a Vegan mainly by chance, in 2013. New Years eve of 2012, I made a decision that I needed to get back in shape and get back to enjoying the outdoors which was my first love. I started losing weight and getting shape following the Hip Hop Abs video (no, the abs never came) but it also introduced me to a 21 day cleanse that essentially has you go Vegan during the period. After losing 20 pounds during this period and feeling better than ever, I realized that I could never go back. Becoming a Vegan for health and vanity started me on a journey that has made me a more compassionate person and forced me to understand the destruction that our diet has on others and the environment.

My venture into running was essentially the same way, just by chance. In June of 2013 I was online late at night and saw an ad for the Houston Marathon and 5 months later I was doing a marathon. When I signed up for the marathon, I didn’t realize that a couch to marathon in 5 months wasn’t a normal thing, but was lucky to not get injured and start my love for running. For me, running is about pushing myself to find my impossible. I love signing up for a race, or a big challenge and then working everyday towards that goal. I have found that when I run at least 5 days a week, I feel better, make better life decisions and am a better husband, father and employee.