In the winter of 2009, I was about 6 months away from becoming a Dad. I’d always wanted to have a family and be a father. Part of my mindset at the time, was to learn where our food was coming from. On a December morning, after visiting a dairy farm in Ramona, CA, I became vegan.

If you have ever lived in SoCal you would know that the only time of the year where the hills are green is in the winter when the parched earth of San Diego gets rain and snow. This dairy farm was located on a green plateau just west of Cuyamaca Peak. The only part of that plateau that wasn’t green, was the farm. It looked like an industrial site with machinery strewn about, fences, and huge piles of waste everywhere. The cows that were there will forever have a place in my psyche. What I witnessed is quite beyond this about me post, but the knowledge I picked up that day and afterward are very much a huge of part of who I am and why I am vegan.

My running life started, like many others, in high school. Being from New York, I ran winter track in high school to prep for baseball season. I ran middle distances with a tight knit group of guys that were learning about running and our limits as humans. We went to Nationals, we ran Penn Relays, we were fast, and truth be told, I didn’t know we were until years later. Fast forward a few years, after having my son I began to truly wonder what it was to be a man and for that matter, be a human. In the books I was reading at the time there were a lot of different answers, but after reading an excerpt of Born to Run in Outside Magazine, I knew what we do.

After I finished that book, I started running a few days a week. At the time I was living in a small town in rural Mexico, I ran trails in the valley, climbed the rocky hills, and ran with my dog to beautiful ocean views. (also known as Instagram gold) The trails and running are now a huge part of my life, something I couldn’t imagine not doing and I hope to be able to encourage as many people as possible to lace up the shoes and get out there.