I love running through the almond tree orchards that surround California’s Central Valley, where I was born and raised. But when I first started running as a chubby teenager, I was much too embarrassed to be seen and so I would run in my backyard. Throughout the years since, I have been an on and off again runner (mostly off). Although I’ve come a long way since only being able to run a half mile on a treadmill without stopping, I still feel very much like a newbie. After I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2015 and returned to my home town, running helped me stay sane as I attempted to assimilate back into the small town I left as a teenager and returned to as an adult. As an overweight runner, I run to meditate, to push myself past mental limits, and to prove that running is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. I have been a vegan runner since June 2016 and in this short time I have discovered how truly revolutionary being a vegan is. After all, we consciously reject deforestation, water contamination, and animal cruelty based on our everyday consumption. When I am not running I enjoy jazz, salsa, reading, travelling, films, and cooking vegan versions of my favorite Mexican foods. Of course, I will be sharing some of my vegan Mexican dish recipes con ustedes!