Team VRC

Team VRC is comprised of Vegan Runners from all over the world sharing their stories.  

Click the names below, to learn more about their journey and connect with fellow Vegan Runners! 


Cindy is a 52 yr. old Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Photography Teacher from Yarrow, British Columbia, Canada.


I have been a vegan runner since June 2016 and in this short time I have discovered how truly revolutionary being a vegan is. After all, we consciously reject deforestation, water contamination, and animal cruelty based on our everyday consumption.


Became a Vegan in 2009. Started Running in 2001. My Favorite Vegan Restaurant is Sipz in North Park, San Diego. My Favorite Vegan Cookbook is The Veganomicon (thanks, Isa!!)


Became a Vegan in 2013 Started Running in 2013 My Favorite Vegan Restaurant is Spiral Diner in Dallas My Favorite Vegan Cookbook is Minimalist Baker


You can always find me running through the roads of South Jersey, studying at Rowan University, or in my family kitchen recipe testing and meal-prepping.


In 2012, I researched food sourcing, nutrition, and its effect on the body and performance. After learning how our modern-day food is acquired, I began a 30-day vegan experiment. Five years later I haven’t turned back and I’ve never felt better.


I'm a wife, and stay at home mom of a 3 year boy, who is also my favorite little running buddy. Aside from running I'm also a big fan of leading an active and healthy lifestyle to set a good example to those around me.


Laina is an adventurous Pittsburgh native and National Park Service nomad fueled by faith, family, friends and food.


Mandy "Mandyface", 30 - Sacramento Ca. Born and raised in Sunny California! Mandy has been Vegan for two years now and running for just over one!


Matt spent much of his life trying out many different pursuits, very few of them healthy. Then he became vegan at 30 after coming to the conclusion that "The way we treat animals for food is morally unjustifiable."


Hi everyone, I'm a vegan ultra runner from Oberhausen, Germany. I started running in summer 2012 because I wanted to loose weight and be more healthy in general.