so, what kind of Vegan are you?

so, what kind of Vegan are you? April 26, 2017Leave a comment

Vegan, One word. Many meanings. Some believe it’s just abstaining from eating or using animal products. Some believe you must abstain AND be active in promoting Veganism. Some believe its OK to use animals as long as they are humanely treated, as in the case with animal rights activism ( peta ).
There are others that believe any and all use of animals for our own purposes should be stopped entirely. This group calls themselves the abolitionist Vegans.
There are whole food vegans, who only eat whole foods, some are RAW food eaters, some eat only fruit. Junk food Vegans? Yes, there are those too. One thing we all have in common; we all love animals, and have chosen to live a more compassionate life.

I don’t feel any pressure to squeeze myself into one group or the other. I do however tend to lean more towards NOT using animals at all, in any circumstance. I believe that all beings ( all sentient ) that live have the right to live their own lives. I do not have the right to snub out their lives for what ever excuse I can make up.
I cannot fight for the right of a monkey to be treated better in that cage, I can however fight to stop the use of monkeys altogether. That sits much better with me.

Becoming a Vegan is a very personal journey. If you are Vegan, love animals, our planet, and have compassion for others. I love you, and really I couldn’t care what kind of Vegan you are. If you are thinking about becoming Vegan, I promise you, it’s the best decision you will ever make.

Go Vegan, save the animals, the planet, and of course, yourself!

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