Inside 30 – Less than a month from Katy FKT

Inside 30 – Less than a month from Katy FKT March 2, 20171 Comment

To say the least, things have been crazy. We here at the VRC have been putting in the longest run weeks we have in
our whole lives, we’re shipping out swag, posting to the gram on the reg, and editing video till 1AM. On top of that, I’m in night class twice a week to get the MBA, the check engine like came on in the Eurovan, and I’ve had a super demanding time consuming project at work that has super bled into the personal life, I’m looking at you all-nighter two weeks ago.

Am I pushing too hard? Is all this really necessary? What the heck am I even doing?

These are normal and regular questions to have both in life and in running. For me recently, I have been encouraged that although the demands are high I have the support of my family, Jeff and his fam, as well as you guys. This week we finished getting through all the ambassador applications you guys so dutifully filled out and can I just say…damn. You guys are some freaking incredible people! Often times we hear the phrase “let’s put that in perspective.” And when looking at the absolute insanity that has been the last month and the looming FKT attempt that is now inside 30 days, I say bring it on. The perspective here is not something to shy away from, let’s embrace the enormity of the awesome world we live in and all the absolute insanity that it brings to the table every day.

I like running ultras because you cannot half ass them. Even if it is the flattest 100 miler in the world, it is still 100 miles. In the past, I have been blessed with the ability to half ass stuff and still get by, but recognizing that very fact has made me cognizant that by half assing something I’m only screwing myself, I’m only limiting my mind to known possibility, not deliberate effort and determined performance.

In the next, now 28 days, there will be travel, deadlines, fundraising, and yelling at a t-shirt guy. What’s the rest at the end? Oh, just a short 237 mile jaunt across Missouri in four days. Does that concern me? No, because I know we can all push, I know you guys got Jeff and I’s back, we are VRC, we are DTR, let’s get this shit done.


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