Homemade Hangry Cookies

Homemade Hangry Cookies June 8, 2017Leave a comment

han•gry (adjective): bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger

We all know the feeling…when hunger slowly churns to anger. You take a moment, look at the clock seventeen times in the same minute, and realize it’s only 2:42 pm. You just can’t wait another minute to go home. It’s snack time.


You only packed a dusty carrot without hummus, because you ran out of that two days ago and ain’t nobody got time to grocery shop on a Tuesday. Well, it’s time to think again.



If you’re anything like me, a natural grazer, I eat at least five times a day, but there certainly comes a time when just need somethingSomething with sustenance that’s not loaded with processed garbage, extra sugar, and stuff we just don’t need. A long time ago, I gave up all of the beloved packaged bars – energy bars, protein bars, granola bars – all except the lovely, Larabars, the magically tasty bars of only 5 natural ingredients. However, I soon realized that 3 dates, a couple of almonds, and sprinkles of cinnamon shouldn’t cost me a $1.50 per bar, and that’s where my homemade Lainabars come in. (Patent not pending).

Recently transformed from bars to cookies (let’s be real: same ingredients, different shape), I hope these endlessly versatile treats will help you too with your “hanger” issues and serve you as a great go-to fuel for those long trail runs!


» A trusty old food processor (or blender)

» 1 cup pitted dates

» 1-2 cups non-flour dry ingredients (any type of seeds, nuts, oats)

» bonus goodies (this can range from spices to nut butters to berries and beyond)

That’s It.

This recipe will make 5-7 cookies (depending on how many times you lick your fingers). I typically go for a 1/4 in thickness and 2-3 inch diameter – and have been known to press batter into jar lids because I don’t own a cookie cutter.


  1. Soak your cup of dates in hot water, while you prep your dry ingredients
  2. process your dry ingredients + place in separate bowl (save bonus goodies for folding in batter)
  3. Drain your dates and process them until they’re blended gooey & smooth
  4. Add your dates to your dry ingredients + mix together!
  5. Fold in your bonus goodies*
  6. Shape into cookies
  7. Freeze them raw or bake (grease pan with a little coconut oil) at 400°F until golden brown flipping them once
  8. ENJOY!

*  If your bonus goodies are considered wet, blend them with your dates (ex: Bananas and Peanut butter)


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