Endorsement: Handheld Water Bottle

Endorsement: Handheld Water Bottle June 13, 2017Leave a comment

This is why I recommend a handheld bottle. This dent is from a direct hit on a rock after I slipped crossing a stream on Sunday. Falls happen to the best of us out on the trails. Most of them aren’t very bad, but it’s always a shock to the system to take a sudden spill. When you trip, your hands instinctively reach out to catch yourself. I’ve planted a bare first hand on some rough rocks and torn it up pretty bad. I’ve also been fortunate, more often than not, for my trusty Klean Kanteen to take the brunt of that first contact. I feel like that little bit of protection, even on just one hand seems to make things that much better.

The cheapest option I’ve found for a handheld bottle is whatever water bottle you already have and the Bottle Band. It’s like two of those silicone Livestrong bracelets strapped together.

It will fit most any bottle, even that Aquafasani from the vending machine. It runs $7.99 with various motivating slogans imprinted on them.

This is a personal recommendation. I am not an ambassador for, nor sponsored by Bottle Band, Klean Kanteen, Livestrong bracelets, or Aquafasani.


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