Down To Run (DTR)

It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime.What better place than here, what better time than now?

Yep, I did it. I quoted Rage and there really is no going back. I want to take a brief minute to talk about my running, your running, all our running. Running itself is a tricky subject, it takes time, effort, shoes, and time. Every single running blog, website, or book has tackled the “why we run” article, as you might be able to see this site is no different. What is different about this site is in the freakin name, we are the Vegan Runners Club. Veganism in itself is a fairly polarizing subject, mix that with running, sometimes very long distances, and we come to a place that many people do not want to share with us. I want to emphasize the us point though. Us includes everyone, the hardcore and the toe dipper, the just started and the long journeyman, whether you have been vegan for 25 years or are considering going tomorrow, we want you here. We only have one or two real rules, and one of those rules is you have to be down to run.

Jeff and I have been messing around with DTR for the last few days, but I think we both know we are serious about what it means. Serious that we want to be able to say forever that we are runners, and at the drop of a hat we are good to go for a 20K or a 100 miler. Down to run to me means I have prepped, I woke my butt up, I stopped rationalizing my life away, and started taking deliberate action to get outside and run, even if that means for 10 minutes.

DTR is about being there to pace a guy, train with a friend, or find your center with simply the tools you work on everyday.

All of us struggle on finding reasons to do things. Why wake up, why stay up late, why to do, why not to do. If the answers to these questions are not solid enough, chances are your struggles to find motivation will not be going away anytime soon.

That’s where you beautiful people come in. If you can comfortably say you are a vegan, than I know what you have willfully put yourself through. The constant barrage of “where do you get your protein”, “oh I could never give up cheese”, and “wait you can’t have butter?” You have put yourself through that because you believe in your values, whether for obvious health reasons or animal wellfare, you have made the conscious, deliberate choice to live your life differently than 99.8% of the population. Do not sell yourself short, that is a tough thing to do. I would bet you don’t think so though, I’d bet you don’t even really think about it like that, because to you it’s obvious.

Let’s take that same thought process and pivot to running. My goal for the next year is to qualify for the Western States lottery. This year that was my goal and I fell short, partly due to a boulder field during a not to be mentioned 100K in the Never Summer Mountains of Colorado. The bigger part of why I missed my goal this year was because I didn’t want it enough; I could have researched my race better, I could have gotten there a little earlier and adjusted for altitude, I could have done the same thing I do when I show up at a BBQ and the host has nothing vegan. I could have prepared more. Not qualifying this year was on me and I now equate it to being stuck at Steak and Shake and saying, “Well I guess I have to have a burger.” That would never happen, and I will never sell my training short again, for that reason in 2017 I will be DTR.

Being DTR is a daily commitment to enjoy the run, long or short, hot or cold, wet or dry. If we enjoy the running itself, we can find our goals faster.

We want you to push us and we will push you. We will work together to always get you in that mindset. Jeff and I are super committed to making this a community that you can feel you have a voice, a space, and a copious amount of awesome swag. Veganism and running go together, we are built to eat plants and run far distances, it’s what we do as humans. Will we trip, will we fall, will we find a vegan cupcake place that just opened and we can’t pull ourselves away? Yes of course we will, and we will post so many pics on Instagram of it. But the next day we will not feel guilt, or remorse, we will smile, and get back to the running, because it isn’t a chore, it is an opportunity for us to act as we should. To act as we were built, and to run as vegans.

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