Dogs can be Vegans too!

Dogs can be Vegans too! June 11, 2017Leave a comment

Our beloved mastiff Troy suddenly fell ill last month. He couldn’t empty his bladder and was rushed into emergency surgery. His bladder was full of stones! But how?! We fed him premium dog food and supplemented with human food.

We would spend weeks sitting on our kitchen floor with Troy as he moaned in pain. A second emergency operation had to be performed 9 days after the first due to more blockages.

The vet sent the stones away to be analyzed, and when the results came back, we were shocked!

There are a few common bladder and kidney stones, but the kind our dog has are very rare. Cysteine stones form because the kidneys cannot process the animal protein the dog ate. It is a genetic defect. We are so sad because there is no cure, but we have some hope, because there is the VEGAN diet! Who would have guessed?

So thankfully, a vegan diet is just what’s needed. The problem lays with the animal protein. If he can avoid animals’ protein he won’t develop the stones.

Now to get our 160 lbs. dog who LOVES meat, to eat only veggies, fruit, rice, pasta, lentils, seitan, a variety of fresh steamed veggies, and of course a base of vegan commercial dog food natural Balance Vegan food. We were so happy to find it. The older generation will remember Dick van Patten the actor, he also makes dog food.

Troy is an old English mastiff, he is stuck in his ways. So change is rough on the old boy. He loves bananas and apples, and we are going to cook seitan for him, and use that to keep his interest in food.

Dogs are omnivores, and can do very well on a plant based diet, and this case, it might just save his life.

Our older Golden is also making the switch, but a bit slower. She could lose a few pounds.

Stay tuned for updates. Fingers and toes crossed a Vegan diet will perform its usual healing magic!

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