Crop Top Silly Hat

I am issuing a challenge for 2017. This challenge will not be easy, it will not be pretty, but it will be epic. This challenge is, dramatic pause, rock the croptop silly hat, also known from this point forward known as CTSH.

Allow me to explain. Baseball has button up jerseys and high socks, basketball, Jordans and shorts, beach volleyball, teenie bikinis and kinesthetic tape. It is time that ultrarunning have its own uniform and that uniform should definitely be, croptop silly hat.

You maybe asking yourself, “well Eamonn I’ve never heard of said outfit.” And I reply, look no further than the Vegan Runners Club godfather himself Scott Jurek. Yes, we can laud his accomplishments both on and off the trails but his true legacy rests in his fashion. Jerker, as his friends call him, rocked the absolute shit out of the croptop silly hat, back when they were still considering bringing back the horse race at Western States. As seen in the picture (below left) Jurek is sporting a high performance crop top, which for technicalities sake means you are rocking visible belly button. Also to control temperature and block out about 2.5 inches of sun glare he is donning the sillyest of hats. Louis V and Prada have absolutely nothing on the impact that Jurek has had on the trail running fashion community.

The croptop silly hat combo fell away for a few years being replaced by, absurd hydration vests, trucker hats, bandanas, and even nudity, but last summer James Walmsley brought the CTSH back in an absolutely huge way. Now featuring perforated speed holes Walmsley’s Western States 100 croptop brought on so much additional speed that he straight up missed a turn while being an hour up on WS course record pace. The fact that the crop was in play for both Walmsley and Jurek’s dominance at Western can only mean one thing. If I rock the crop I will also be lightning fast, and so can you.

The fact is, the ability to rock the CTSH combo, requires real effort. One does not pull it off well when even a few pounds overweight, believe me I just checked it out. To be able to do this we will have to be focused not to indulge in ridiculous foods, to keep our running game consistent, and remain steadfast in our resolve. It might sound silly but feeling good is an important part of anyone’s life and the things we will have to do to make the croptop happen will make us feel awesome. Plus when you feel good, you tend to look good too. I will be taking this challenge on headfirst. One of my life goals is to be the ripped old man as seen in this video from Soloman Trail running (seriously dude he is shredded) I’ve never been ripped but its time I say bye bye to the love handles and say hello to the mother fuckin crop.

So this year instead of bikini season let’s focus on croptop season.

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